We participated in the III Education, Innovation and Technology Forum of El Español in Malaga.

Innova IRV participated in the III Forum on Education, Innovation and Technology “Navigating towards the future of education with creativity, technology and innovative transformation”, organized by El Español on May 29 and 30 at the Pompidou Center in Malaga.

During the conference, the current situation of the education sector, its transformation and its future projection were analyzed. Among others, topics such as employment orientation, the role of municipalities and talent recruitment were discussed.

Our general director, José Manuel Leceta, participated in the round table “The attraction of international talent” together with Stéphane Ruiz-Coupeau, director of the Malaga campus of ESSCA School of Management and Lucía Medina, head of TA, Employer Branding, Diversity & Inclusion at Vodafone, moderated by Arturo Criado, deputy director of El Español – Invertia.

Stéphane Ruiz-Coupeau, Lucía Medina, José Manuel Leceta and Arturo Criado at the round table “Attracting international talent”.

One of the topics highlighted was the challenge faced by companies in attracting talent, especially due to the difficulty of finding certain professional profiles. One factor influencing this search for international talent is the location of the activity. “Since the pandemic, companies have been competing for talent worldwide,” explained Stéphane Ruiz-Coupeau, who argues that the final decision is influenced by aspects such as “work-life balance, living conditions or prices.”

In this line José Manuel Leceta, pointed out that “international talent is also influenced by the environment in which it is going to work and Malaga is an attractive place”. “Malaga’s ability to attract international talent is fundamental,” confirmed Lucía Medina.

Another key point was the importance of corporate identity, highlighted in the context of teleworking, a modality that has gained relevance due to the pandemic. Despite its advantages, the need to maintain a certain degree of contact between workers and companies to strengthen corporate identity is recognized. “Company culture is also generated in proximity environments,” explained Leceta, stressing the importance of companies not giving up on generating a team culture.

José Manuel Leceta at the round table “Attracting international talent” of the III Forum on Education, Innovation and Technology.

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