We help to grow and consolidate the digital technology industry in our country.

Innova IRV, Ricardo Valle Institute of Innovation Foundation, is an innovation ecosystem applied to the market, born in Malaga,
with international vocation, and focused on industrial business transfer in three fields:



Transversal Digital Technologies

(5G+, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence)

Applied Digital Technologies

(Industry 4.0, aerospace systems, digital health, circular economy, connected vehicle and Food Tech).


Innova IRV aims to be the first of a network
of technological innovation centers applied to the industry, bringing the Spanish model closer to the successful German Fraunhofer Institute for applied technology, together with the Max Planck Institute for science.


To become an innovation hub with direct application to the market. As well as generating a pulling effect on the Spanish economy towards green and digital transformation.

Job creation

To contribute to the creation of high added value jobs and maximize the impact of R&D capacity developed by the center.

Innova IRV – University

To be a core Innova IRV-University, focused on mechanisms for promoting knowledge transfer, and covering aspects of collaboration in research and teaching areas.

Collaborative innovation ecosystem

Our actions

1. Traction

We identify the innovation needs of companies and SMEs to create their technological roadmap.

2. Collaboration

We encourage collaboration between companies and knowledge centers (universities and technological centers).

3. Financing

We seek financing through two channels:

  • Public: European, national, regional, and local public subsidies.
  • Private: Direct financing from companies, loans, or venture capital.

4. Startup creation:

We create startups related to the projects.

5. Building proprietary know-how

We implement the attraction and training of talent and proprietary know-how to cover the gaps in the projects with high added value for the companies.