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INNOVA IRV, Ricardo Valle Institute of Innovation Foundation, is a center for technological innovation applied to the industry that promotes, develops, and encourages knowledge transfer activities to generate value in the market.

Ricardo Valle

“A mind ahead of his time”

Ricardo Valle was a Malaga-born telecommunications engineer and electromagnetism expert who trained in Madrid and founded the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications of Barcelona.

He was a mind ahead of his time, who had the vision of articulating education at the world’s most prestigious universities such as MIT or Carnegie Mellon.

His legacy lives on in the education of some of the world’s most distinguished academics, entrepreneurs, executives, and authorities in the technology world through the creation of mechanisms and institutions that endure over time.

Our FOUNDATION takes its name as a tribute to his career.

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INNOVA in figures

Expected impact on the economy of Malaga and Andalusia in the next 10 years

0 Billion €

Attraction of European Funds

0 pax

Direct job creation

0 pax

Job creation in companies

0 Billion €

increase in private investment in R&D&I

0 pax PCT


0 %

Increase in companies' turnover

0 Billion €

public-private direct investment

0 %

Improvement in technology transfer

0 Billion €

Increase in exports

0 %

Improvement in UMA's global ranking

0 %

Improvement in attracting international technology-based companies

0 More

Technology-based NEBT companies created.


Executive Committee

Ezequiel Navarro
President & Vice President of Microelectronics

Premo Group

Bernardo Quintero
Vice president of Cybersecurity


Antonio Gómez-Guillamón
Vice president of Aerospace Systems

Aertec Solutions

Fernando Hardasmal
Vice president of Connected vehicle


Rafael Sánchez
Vice president of Circular Economy


Antonio de la Prieta
Vice president of Artificial Intelligence


Francisco Javier López
Vice president of University-Company


Antonio Luis Urda
Vice president of e-Health

Social Council UMA

Natalia Pérez
Vice president of Corporate Relations

Málaga Tech Park

Enrique Colilles
Vice president of Food Tech


Enrique Serrano
Vice president de Industry 4.0



José Manuel Leceta
General Director

Oscar Chabrera

Almudena Porras

Nuria García
Marketing & Communication

Mario Nemirovsky
CTO of Microelectronics

Francisco Velasco
CTO Applied Digital Technologies

Mariano Morán
CTO Digital Technologies


Stephen Melvin

Flavio Bonomi

Gonzalo León Serrano

Josep Maria Inserser

Wolfgang Gessner

Jose Capmany

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