The Andalusian agrarian value-added represents around 5.7% of the total Andalusian GDP in 2019. This percentage has slightly decreased compared to 2018. The participation of the agricultural sector in the total Andalusian GDP exceeds the contributions of the national and community agricultural sectors, being a source of job creation that also guarantees food supply.

The use of technologies such as AI, CYBERSECURITY, 5G, etc., allows to enhance the primary sector by improving the added value of the sector and ensuring the necessary incomes for its actors to guarantee generational renewal.


  • Precision agriculture: Crop sensing, applied robotics, biotechnology, remote sensing, and cybersecurity.
  • New materials and products: Sustainable packaging, development of new food products.
  • Water and Energy (circular): New sustainable irrigation systems, use of regenerative water, desalination of water.
  • Intelligent Factories (industry 4.0): Value chain automation, traceability, robotics, quality.
  • Others: Prediction in production, consumption, and prices.
Enrique Colilles

Vice President
Food Tech Area