Presentation of the RISCCOM project at Transfiere 2024

During the Transfiere Innova Forum IRV Microelectronics presented the collaborative project RISCCOM, RISC-V Based Low Power Secure Multipurpose System for Wireless Communications.

This project, which is led by Grupo Premo, and has a consortium formed by Innova IRV Microelectronics, IDNEO, CELESTIA | TST, DEKRA and Wireless Innovative MMIC S.L. (WIMMIC), aims to combine knowledge and effort to position Spain as a benchmark in the microelectronics sector. To this end, they plan to research and apply key technologies such as RISC-V microprocessor architecture, integrated radio frequency and cybersecurity evaluation in embedded systems. The project is funded by the CDTI, through the European Union’s Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

Some representatives of the RISCCOM consortium such as Oscar Chabrera Villarreal and Manuel Blazquez from Pineda Innova IRV Microelectronics, Jorge Carrera DEKRA, Braulio Quintana Sánchez Wireless Innovative MMIC S.L. (WIMMIC), and Fran Alcala CELESTIA | TST , were present to share the advances developed within the framework of this project.

The entire Innova IRV Microelectronics team was also present to present the project. Oscar Chabrera Villarreal, Mario Nemirovsky, Manuel Blazquez de Pineda, Marcelo Scasso, Antonio Diaz Zamora, Carlos López Miguel, Elisabeth Maria Romero Luque, Maryana Pyzh and Laura Martin.

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