Innova IRV presents its microelectronics projects to the Government’s special commissioner for the Perte Chip

Jaime Martorell, special commissioner for Microelectronics and Semiconductors of the Spanish Government, visited the Málaga Tech Park today, where he held a meeting with representatives of the Ricardo Valle Institute of Innovation Foundation (Innova IRV), the University of Málaga and the technology park. 

The objective of this meeting was to present and analyse the strategic projects that Innova IRV is working on, as well as its possible contribution to strengthening the microchip industry in Spain. 

The Commission for Microelectronics and Semiconductors is the main financial instrument for implementing actions and investments that support the microchip ecosystem throughout the country and is endowed with 12.25 billion until 2027.

Innova IRV currently has four projects underway in the area of microelectronics, the implementation of which will involve an investment of more than 700 million euros. 

Among the projects being worked on, the DKULPIOT (Design Kit Ultra Low Power IoT) project aims to develop a Design Kit for an Ultra Low Power IoT Semiconductor that allows the integration of multiple IP in the same package, reducing costs and time to market, making it easier for companies to scale their solutions.

Throughout the day, the delegation also visited the facilities of the companies Premo and Dekra in the Málaga Tech Park.

Jaime Martorell Premo

As part of this visit, Jaime Martorell also took part in the first seminar of Digital Eye Observatory and the University of Málaga, where he gave a conference entitled ‘The Perte Chip in the international context of semiconductor policy,’ which was attended by more than fifty people. 

Conferencia Jaime Martorell

In it, he explained the strategic axes around which Perte Chip revolves, which are to reinforce the R&D&I capacity in the sector; to install design plants; to install microchip production factories; and to boost the manufacture of ICT products that are in demand for the semiconductor and microelectronics industry.

Likewise, Jaime Martorell stressed that during his visit he was able to observe the potential of the Málaga ecosystem to access the calls included in the Perte Chip. 

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