The development of technological capacity in the field of microprocessors, as well as the elimination of the current bottleneck in this type of market, will accelerate innovation in other sectors related to microelectronics that currently demand high processing power, exponentially increasing the development and adoption of the fourth industrial revolution.


The initial objective is the development and market launch of RISC-V architecture microprocessors, resulting in a low-cost chip with high processing power and low energy consumption, open for all European developers to use without prohibitive IP barriers.


  • New autonomous and connected vehicles.
  • IoT applications for connected industries.
  • Increased scale in Business Intelligence developments.
  • Research opportunities in Supercomputing and Quantum Computing.
  • Accelerated and improved market applications of AI and its branches of Machine
  • Learning and Deep Learning, etc.
Ezequiel Navarro
Premo Group

Microelectronics Area