Innova IRV to promote synergies between Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence in a workshop on data ecosystems

The fields of Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence of the Fundación Instituto Ricardo Valle de Innovación (Ricardo Valle Institute of Innovation Foundation), whose vice-presidency is held by Enrique Serrano—CEO of Tinámica—and Toni de la Prieta—Managing Director Lead of Accenture Spain—have recently celebrated their first working groups. In these groups, more than 20 companies were gathered to develop joint disruptive innovation projects. 

As a result of these meetings, a workshop called “Workshop on data ecosystems. Sharing disruptive innovation experiences and opportunities”, will take place on 27 April at the Green Lemon facilities of Málaga TechPark. 

This event has three objectives: analysing collaborative innovation experiences; identifying common models, resources, data architecture and prototypes; and sharing challenges and value propositions that may be solved by enabling technologies.

This initiative meets the expectations of the Data Office and highlights Innova IRV’s readiness as “network of networks” and as crossroads of national ecosystems that have international ambitions. 

The event is organised by the Innova IRV Foundation in cooperation with the Data Office, GAIA-X, AMETIC and Atlas Tecnológico. 

Registration is open to all companies that are interested in data ecosystems. Online registration is via this link

Meanwhile, Innova IRV continues to bring together working groups of different fields such as Microelectronics, 5G, Cybersecurity, Connected Vehicle, Aerospace Systems, Digital Health, Circular Economy and Food Tech.

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