Innova IRV opens up to the national and international ecosystem to innovate from data spaces

The Ricardo Valle Institute of Innovation Foundation (Innova IRV) has gathered this morning more than a hundred people on the occasion of the celebration of its first INNO-DAY, a meeting open to innovation and digital entrepreneurship that aims to activate the Innova IRV community and connect with the local, national and international ecosystem of companies, entrepreneurs, researchers and technology experts. 

The event was created as a joint initiative of Innova IRV and the AMETIC employers’ association to become a (bi)monthly meeting to shape new ideas and projects within Innova IRV’s areas of work, including Microelectronics, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Cybersecurity, Connected Vehicle, Aerospace Systems, Digital Health, Circular Economy, Food Tech and Industry 4.0.

Today’s session was attended by Alberto Palomo, Chief Data Officer (CDO) of the Government of Spain (Secretary of State for Artificial Intelligence and Digitalisation, under the Vice-Presidency for Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of the Government of Spain) and President of the Government Advisory Council of Gaia-X Spain, who gave the opening lecture under the title “Innovating from data ecosystems.”

After this conference, a round table was held, where the possible synergies between Gaia-X and Innova IRV were discussed by Toni de la Prieta, vice-president of Innova IRV and Managing Director Lead at Advanced Technology Center of Accenture Spain, Enrique Serrano, CEO of Tinámica and Paula Ruiz, Cio R&D&I Sustainable at Trops, and Paula Ruiz, Cio R&D&I Sustainable at Trops. of Tinámica, and Paula Ruiz, Sustainable R&D&I CIO of Trops.

The meeting has served to establish contacts with a view to the incorporation of new entities to the Foundation and the design of projects of joint interest. The Innova IRV Foundation will consolidate the expressions of interest resulting from the meeting to prepare the contribution of its partners to the data spaces that the Secretary of State for Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence wants to promote within the framework of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (component 12, investment 1).

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