Innova IRV adds Flavio Bonomi to its network of international experts

The Ricardo Valle Institute of Innovation Foundation (Innova IRV) has recently signed a collaboration agreement with Flavio Bonomi, PhD in electrical engineering and expert in digital transformation with extensive experience in innovation and entrepreneurship environments, such as Silicon Valley.

The agreement was signed during a meeting between Mario Nemirovsky, CTO of Innova IRV, and Flavio Bonomi.

The main objective of this agreement is to establish a formal framework for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the development of Innova IRV’s activities and areas of work.

Bonomi, is considered a technological visionary with more than 10 years of experience in digital transformation and entrepreneurship. Over the last years, he has been founder and CEO of Nebbiolo Technologies, a startup that offers the first complete Edge Computing software platform for the industrial automation market.

Previously, he worked at Cisco Systems and, as a Cisco Fellow and VP, he led technology adoption for Cisco’s forward-looking initiatives and drove the company’s move towards becoming a catalyst for the digital transformation movement, identifying the need for the deployment of more modern computing resources, such as the adoption of innovations developed in the Cloud Computing domain, thus pioneering Edge Computing.

With a recognized track record also in applied research and commercialization of advanced technology, Flavio Bonomi has published more than 100 papers, multiple book chapters and is co-inventor of more than 70 US and international patents.


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