Enrique Serrano, CEO of Tinámica, joins Innova IRV as vice-president of Industry 4.0

Enrique Serrano will be part of the Executive Committee of the Instituto Ricardo Valle de la Innovación Foundation (Innova IRV) as vice-president of Industry 4.0.

Enrique Serrano has been CEO of Tinámica since 2012. Furthermore, he is president of the Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Commission and member of the AMETIC Management Board. He is also president of the MBIT School and member of the GAIA-X Management Board.

“As vice-president of Industry 4.0 at Innova IRV, my goal is to promote and develop innovation projects in order to achieve smart manufacturing and rapid industrial growth, with the help of key enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence, cyber connectivity, 5G, edge computing, augmented reality and robotisation, among others”, says Serrano.

The Executive Committee of Innova IRV is composed of ten members: Ezequiel Navarro—president—, Bernardo Quintero, Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, Rafael Sánchez, Toni de la Prieta, Natalia Pérez, Antonio Urda, Javier López, Enrique Colilles and, as vice-presidents, Fernando Hardasmal and Juan Manuel Melero.

The Foundation is supported by 30 collaborating entities such as AccentureAeorumAertec, Agencia Digital de Andalucía, Ametic, Bic EuronovaDekraProvincial Council of Málaga, Endesa, Ericsson, Esesa, Famadesa, Google, Málaga Tech Park, Orange, Premo, Simón, Tinámica, Top Digital, Trops, Tupl, University of Granada, University of Málaga, Unicaja, University of Sevilla, Vodafone, Telefónica, CSG Ingeniería, Iturri and Smart Health TV Solution.

In Innova IRV’s first year of activity, the company has submitted 11 innovation projects that will entail an investment of over €400 million. These projects are distributed among Innova IRV’s different areas of work, including Microelectronics, AI, 5G, Cybersecurity, Connected Vehicle, Aerospace Systems, Digital Health, Circular Economy, Food Tech and Industry 4.0.

In the Industry 4.0 area, Innova IRV rely on seven companies out of the total 30 collaborating entities of the Foundation. These are Aeorum, Aertec, Dekra, Endesa, Grupo Premo, TopDigital and Tupl. This area also relies on two academic institutions: ESESA IMF and the University of Málaga. In addition, there are six initiatives shared with the nine above-mentioned companies and institutions, initiatives that are a result of the internal work carried out in 2022.

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