The Innova IRV community participates in proposals for competitive public calls of three Spanish ministries

The Ricardo Valle Institute of Innovation Foundation (Innova IRV) keeps working on the consolidation of its activity portfolio by developing collaborative projects and new companies. The first semester was primarily focused on collaborative projects for the multiple state calls of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. In that regard, the Innova IRV community, together with other partners, especially the AMETIC Association, submitted ten proposals. 

Most of the proposals focus on quantum computing, digital twins, microelectronic components, artificial intelligence, energy and water saving, among others. It is a joint initiative by Innova IRV, its collaborating entities and other partners that, in case of success, would entail the growth acceleration and consolidation of the industry generating digital technologies in Spain. 

The Foundation submitted proposals to the Innovative Business Groupings (AEI) support program, which is part of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. The Foundation also submitted its proposals to the PERTE Chip call, which was launched by the Centre for Technology Development and Innovation (CDTI) on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and the special commissioner of the PERTE Chip project, as well as to calls of the Spanish State Research Agency at the Ministry of Science and Innovation, one of the calls being Transmissions, coordinated by the aforementioned agency and the CDTI. 

The InnoDays events took place in March and July in order to progressively position the Foundation in the regional, national and EU digital ecosystem, thus boosting the ten areas on which the Foundation focuses. The director of the Spanish Data Office and the general manager of the CDTI attended these two events, expressing their support. The third annual event will take place on 11 October 2023.

Ezequiel Navarro, the president of Innova IRV, claimed that “the Foundation is working hard to show the capabilities of the community, spreading our vision and initiative with ambition and accessibility to the whole national territory.” 

Furthermore, the general manager of Innova IRV, José Manuel Leceta, stated that “we hope to generate value for the Innova IRV community and, at the same time, to visualise the Foundation’s role in the national and international scene.”

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