A cyber-squad with Málaga’s stamp present at the 4th ESPDEF-CERT Cyber Defence Seminar

The Alba cybersecurity project, promoted by the Ricardo Valle Innovation Institute Foundation (Innova IRV), together with the University of Málaga and the Digital Agency of Andalusia, was presented today at the 4th ESPDEF-CERT Cyber Defence Conference, which is currently being held in Madrid.

The project was part of the inaugural conference given by Javier Candau, head of the department at CCN-CERT of the National Cryptologic Centre, under the title ‘A cyberescudo for Spain. CCN-CERT activity.’

Proyecto Alba

The Alba project, developed by the cybersecurity area of Innova IRV, chaired by Bernardo Quintero, Google security engineer and founder of VirusTotal, is working on the creation of a public access DNS service with filtering for any system with Internet access that guarantees a Digital Shield for Spanish organisations.

This is a service that blocks connections to malicious content (scams, phishing, malware, etc.) and protects all types of devices connected to the Internet (computers, mobiles, corporate and home networks, IoT, cloud, etc.) through the launch of a PMV.

Proyecto Alba

Through Innova IRV’s cybersecurity area, companies, start-ups and research centres work together to implement platforms that contribute to the protection of digital environments, as well as the development of state-of-the-art services for the identification and analysis of vulnerabilities, anti-fraud response, malware detection on devices and the analysis of cybersecurity trends.

The XVI STIC CCN-CERT Conference and the IV ESPDEF-CERT Conference on Cyber Defence

The XVI STIC CCN-CERT Conference and the IV ESPDEF-CERT Cyber Defence Conference, organised by the National Cryptologic Centre of the National Intelligence Centre and the Joint Cyberspace Command, will bring together over the next few days more than 3,600 professionals in person and more than 5,000 online, to address the latest developments in this area.

More than 120 renowned speakers will take part in this cybersecurity conference, which has a full programme of conferences to present issues of particular relevance such as the cyberwar in Ukraine, the main threats and trends in cybersecurity or the necessary creation of a cyber shield for Spain, which offers protection against any type of threat in cyberspace.


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