Meetings for the extension of the 5G Victoria Network to Málaga TechPark begin

  • Representatives of the park, Innova IRV and ITIS UMA meet at the Ada Byron Research Building to agree on how to provide 5G coverage for experimental use at the technopolis.

The Victoria Network is an experimentation platform for 5G and 6G mobile networks managed by the Institute of Technology and Software Engineering of the University of Malaga. Currently, this infrastructure covers part of the Teatinos campus and other parts of the province. The infrastructure is being expanded thanks to the support of the first call for Research Infrastructures of the UNICO 6G program. This platform consists of all the elements to create end-to-end 5G private networks with commercial and experimental equipment, including terminals, base stations, virtualized 5G cores, application servers, measurement instruments, and capacity to create SIM cards, among other features.

The Director of Málaga TechPark, Felipe Romera; Natalia Pérez, the Deputy Director of Technology Diffusion and Projects of Málaga TechPark and VP of Innova IRV and Mariano Morán, CTO of Transversal Digital Technologies of Innova IRV held a meeting with Pedro Merino, Director of ITIS UMA and María del Mar Moreno, Project Technician of ITIS UMA, to agree on how to provide 5G coverage for experimental use to Málaga TechPark.

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