Andalusia joins the European alliance for the development of microelectronics and chips

Only three Spanish autonomous regions are part of the Alliance of European Semiconductor Regions, which advocates for the EU’s technological sovereignty in semiconductors

Andalusia joins the Alliance of European Semiconductor Regions, an initiative for the development of microelectronics and semiconductors or chips, which was established last 6 March by 13 regions and 9 leading countries in this field. It is part of the Chips Act, promoted by the European Union in order to guarantee the technological sovereignty of the European continent.

Andalusia, together with Catalonia and the Basque Country, is the third Spanish autonomous region to qualify for admission. Carolina España, Minister for Economy, Finance and European Funds of the Andalusian autonomous region, defines this new incorporation as “a further advance of the Andalusia that develops its economy through cutting-edge technology and the proof that our region is an example for semiconductors and microelectronics development.”

The incorporation to the Alliance took place during a mission cooperation organised by Malaga TechPark in the German region of Saxony. Amelia Martínez, deputy Minister of Economy, Finance and European Funds, Malaga TechPark, the University of Malaga and the Instituto Ricardo Valle de Innovación Foundation (Innova IRV) participated in this mission. After this meeting, Carolina España, who is also president of Malaga TechPark, signed yesterday the corresponding agreement to be part of the alliance.

Saxony is the leading region of the alliance and the region where most European companies of this field are settled (Silicon Saxony). One in three chips manufactured in Europe comes from this German region.

During the mission, the Andalusian government delegation held several meetings with political and economic representatives of Saxony. They shared the same strategic analysis in areas of critical importance for Europe, such as the digital area in general and the semiconductor area in particular, where there are common interests and where both parts are willing to explore and make use of multiple synergies and collaborations. After the mission and the incorporation of Andalusia to the Alliance, both regions have developed the first roadmap that will lead to several collaborations of interest for the academic and innovative ecosystem of both regions in the course of this year.

The Alliance of European Semiconductor Regions:

This Alliance is an initiative whose goal is to boost the growth and the competitiveness of the semiconductor industry in Europe through joint research and innovation, skills and talent development and cluster development and cooperation. Besides Malaga, other members of this alliance are the Basque Country, Catalonia, Bavaria, Portugal, Flanders, Carinthia, North Brabant, Overijssel, Piedmont, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Saxony, Styria and South Moravia.

The alliance is integrated in Silicon Europe, which brings together the strongest European clusters to access the most advanced technologies and expertise in all the electronics and software fields.

Innova IRV – Microelectronics strategy:

In Andalusia, the Instituto Ricardo Valle de Innovación Foundation (Innova IRV), together with two members of the foundation, that is, the University of Malaga and the Junta de Andalucía (autonomous government of Andalusia), are working on several strategic projects in Malaga TechPark in order to strengthen the microchips industry at a national level.

Innova IRV has some microelectronics initiatives underway, and the setting up of these will require an investment of more than €700 million. Among these projects there is the DKULPIOT project (Design Kit Ultra Low Power loT), which seeks to develop a semiconductor that will enable the integration of multiple IP in a single package, reducing costs and time to enter the market and facilitating companies to scale their solutions.

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