A company from Innova IRV participates in the microelectronics strategic projects approved by the European Commission

The European Commission has approved the Important Project of Common European Interest (‘IPCEI’) in microelectronics, for which 14 countries, including Spain, will provide €8.1 billion in public funding for initiatives supporting research, innovation and the industrial deployment of microelectronics.

The €8.1 billion in public funding provided by the Member States for the Commission’s approved projects are expected to unlock additional €13.7 billion in private investments, from which 56 companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises (‘SMEs’) and start-ups, will benefit. They will undertake 68 projects.

The company Innova IRV Microelectronics SL, owned by the Ricardo Valle Institute of Innovation Foundation (Innova IRV), is one of the four Spanish companies chosen by the European Commission to be direct participant in this strategic interest for European sovereignty.

More specifically, Innova IRV Microelectronics SL will develop the DKULPIOT project (Design Kit Ultra Low Power Internet Of Things), aiming at generating a microelectronic design and an advanced packaging to provide companies in the IoT sector with a platform (Design Kit and Hw Platform).

This design aims to solve the need for versatile solutions that enable integration in a single System in a Package (‘SiP’) of different functionalities according to companies’ demands, reducing costs and time development for its commercialisation.

The DKULPIOT project has a planned investment of more than €120 million and is created to satisfy a growing global market of connected devices for the sector and other hubs. Its goal is to gather, process, monitor and communicate essential information for the automated operating system of industrial processes (Industry 4.0), Smart Cities, health, automation and transport, among other sectors.

Ezequiel Navarro, president of Innova IRV, declared that “Innova IRV, thanks to the development of the DKULPIOT project, can become one of the first European industrial centres to offer such a combination of chips and advanced packagings.”

“The development of this project will boost Andalusian, Spanish and European industry, as well as it will generate high value-added employment and will increase production and exports, facilitating the attraction of design, prototyping and semiconductor manufacturing capability in Andalusia”, said Navarro.

More information:
European Commission’s press release.

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